The Banality of Evil

Yesterday, I heard of the terrorist attack in Kabul that made six victims among Italian troops and also killed fifteen bystanders. This morning, I read newspaper articles on the incident and very few of them mentioned the countless other victims, many of them civilian, that the war in Afghanistan has made. Tonight, I watched Terminator Salvation, which Warner Bros released last May, just when US drones were making “mistakes” in that devastated country. I was then reminded of the title of a famous book by Hannah Arendt. Those Hollywood movies serve one main purpose, that is, to banalize war, making it acceptable to our senses. And as we get used to the spectacle of violence, we are less likely to feel rage and therefore question the causes of the real violence that we hear about everyday on the news.

And what about Terminator Salvation, the videogame?

And of course the toys…


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