Don’t Forget and Keep Your Eyes Open


This goes out to those, and they are more than one would expect, who say that the War in Iraq was actually not a failure. Well, things have come up in the past few days which just don’t seem to add up to such an optimistic and simplistic conclusion, the offspring of amnesia and wishful thinking. In an incident that would look ridiculous if the subject matter was not as tragic as it is, New York Times reporters found hundreds secret documents dumped in a junkyard outside Baghdad by US troops leaving Iraq, documents that reveal gruesome details about the infamous 2005 Haditha massacre. Meanwhile, the Iraqi government is under great strains after Prime Minister Maliki, a Shiite, threatened to abandon last year’s power-sharing agreement, if the Kurds will not hand over Vice President Hashemi, a Sunni, who recently fled to Kudistan after being indicted on charges of terrorism. And just yesterday, a wave of coordinated bombings killed 63 people and injured 200 in the Iraqi capital.


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