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This is how the Navy of Italy, a long-time US ally, whose ancient culture these days appears to have been thoroughly Americanized, is now recruiting. Those who have read a book or two more than most about the complexities of transatlantic relations, including the period of high American hegemony following World War II, often argue that there are plenty of nuances to those relations. That’s certainly true, and there probably are some nuances to this ad, which I saw today on a billboard on a street in Rome, but, really, just how many? And that’s not even to mention the new labor law passed by the Italian Parliament a couple of days ago, the so-called “Jobs Act” (sic). On the latter subject, for English speakers who also read Italian, or for those Italians who can speak English and have understood what I have written so far (ironically, there aren’t many of those in Italy), see the corresponding entry on the website of Treccani, Italy’s best encyclopedia.


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